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Need a space to host your friends in but that also is great for family time? Enter..Game Rooms!!

Are you guys gamers? No, I'm not talking about video games or anything that involves a screen honestly! What???? I know, in this day and age, what else is there??

I'm talking old school board games? My family has always been big board game, cards, puzzles fans. I'm so excited for our girls to become the age where we can start to play board games! We have awhile until that happens but I'm dreaming of a cozy but classy game room in our future for the basement.

I want it to be a space that our friend can come hang out and have cocktails in, but also that we can enjoy times with the kiddos! So.. how to have both. Make it classy but also functional!

I am a huge fan of warm, neutral tones that just make me want to cozy in and get my gaming on!

Recently I designed this game room that I called the Braxton Game Room.

Nothing says game room to me like velvet! These beautiful Burnt Auburn velvet chairs just set the mood for this room. I may be bias, I have burnt Auburn colored hair, but I believe its just the best warm neutral coloring to create warmth and style! Also, velvet is great for easy clean up and well as a dark color to hide any stains. Pull up these beautiful chairs to the coffee table and lets play!

Speaking of coffee tables, this is the piece that is the main event! This space will house all those wonderful gaming moments! I love this table for so many reasons and some of which are the concrete top! You need something sturdy and that won't show a lot of finger smudges, from chips of course! I also love the idea of pulling up a couple extra footstools to the table and that this coffee table provides some extra legroom for extra players!

Then onto this beautiful, vintage inspired rug. Its warm, old feel makes it feel nostalgic but with its easy to clean, new style, it is great for all parties and get togethers. You won't be worrying about spilled food or wine on this rug. Its dark colors cover up spills and stains quite nicely!

Another important piece.. a good storage buffet! I love that this piece is so versatile. You can use it to house games, cards, etc. or you can actually use it as a bar/buffet to hold drinks and hor d'oeuvres! For game nights with kiddos, don't forget the yummy popcorn! The sleek look of this buffet makes this piece elegant enough to not look like a "storage piece," but is functional with some storage to hide those not so pretty parts!

And last but not least is lighting! The most important part of all in my opinion. From cocktail hour to game night, you want to set the mood and that all starts with good lighting! You want it to be bright enough to see, but also you want it to feel warm and a little darker. I would suggest a beautiful chandelier and as many lights on a dimmer as you can! Dimmers are great so you can always have just the right lighting! Add in some table lamps and candlelight and you are all set!

Add in some fun but easy games for your guests to play while they are socializing and a some blankets to cozy in on a cold night and you are set for a great game night or cocktail party!

If you'd like to shop the pieces in the Braxton Game Room then check it out here or go to my shop tab on my website!

Also, check out some of my favorite games down below!

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