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Welcome to my Blog! Let's chat design..sprinkled with a little real life :)

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

My name is Michelle Amick and I am an Interior Designer in Columbus, Ohio. I love design and I also have so many interests beyond design that I decided to start a blog to connect with all of you about all the things that I love, and hopefully you do too! I will be sharing some design tips that I have learned along the way and some inspiration of spaces to help you visualize what you could do in your own space.

I have been designing spaces honestly since I was a kid. My parents spent most of my childhood turning their log cabin home into a beautiful bright space that, besides the inside ceiling still being wood, you'd never know it was a log cabin! Let's just say, theres a whole lot of insulation in their house by adding layers over the years.

I started out by helping my dad with whatever projects I could do and just watched and learned. My mom has a great design sense and over the years I have learned so much from her. I watched as she navigated her way through trying to transform this dark space that she didn't love into something that is jaw dropping!

Fast forward to present and now I am able to help people see their dream homes come to reality! Most clients know what they want but just don't how to get there or if they even can on their budget. While it does take some money to get things exactly like the designers you see online, there are also ways to achieve goals in stages or to just make tweaks to spaces that make them feel more complete and something that you will love again.

I love helping people feel at "peace" in their spaces. I am a natural homebody who loves to spend time in my own home so I understand the value of making your space feel like a sanctuary to you. Especially now, as I have entered into the period of parenthood and peace in our home is hard to come by with two babies under 2! Actually, Georgia just turned 2 and Lucy just turned 1!

My husband and I are trying to navigate the world of being new parents while each being entrepreneurs to multiple businesses. The struggle of spending enough time on work, with each other, with our girls, and with friends and family is realllll... :) but we feel so blessed to have so many people who love and support us. Our faith in God has held me up throughout the years and we continue to lean in and put our faith in Him to get us through this beautiful life!

So welcome to my little corner of my world! I'm so glad that you are here!

xoxo Michelle

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