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Every project is dynamic and different just like every budget. We offer full service Interior Design services and also E-Design for those looking to so some of the work themselves.


The first meeting will be a Design Consultation which helps us get to know each other and to go over what your project needs are. We will go over basic design ideas as well as budget and timeline.

If you have any inspiration pictures or any other information that you think would be useful in the design, please have that ready for me to look at so that I can best get a feel for your style. In this meeting I will also be taking pictures of the project space and getting detailed measurements to get started.


After I get a feel for your style and we go over the projects needs, I will begin work on your Design Plan. This visual "mood board" really helps you get a feel for what the space could look like. This is just a rough draft and any changes can be made at this time.


Once we have a completed Design Plan, we can start itemized ordering. Each item will be submitted for approval and a 100% deposit be made before ordering. For smaller items, an agreed upon refundable retainer may be asked for to help speed up the buying process.

For E-design services, a curated shopping list will be provided with direct links to purchase products or, depending on your package, you can enlist our services of product procurement and shipping management to help manage the project and to make sure everything is handled properly.


Finally, we are to the best part! Installation! Whether you will be having the items delivered to your location and setting up yourself or having my crew and I come a do full installation, its finally time to see it all come to life! 

**I am able to refer contractors as needed and oversee the installation of their services. It takes a team, at times, to get your home just the way that you've always envisioned it.

Design Process: List
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